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Cooling Pulse Points

Stim Gear’s proprietary patent-pending technology targets cooling points on your body known as ‘pulse points’.  These ‘pulse points’ are areas on the body where your pulse is easily detected because blood vessels are close to the surface of the skin.  By cooling your blood through these points, you can quickly lower the temperature of the blood and circulate it throughout the rest of the body.

Enhancing Performance
& Combating Exhaustion

To help you to stay cool while you are running, biking, or working out we created Stim Gear Cooling Packs.  Our single-use Cooling Packs activate instantly with pressure so they are ready when you need them! No need to put them in the freezer the night before, or waste your drinking water to activate like other cooling options in the market today.

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Cooling Packs

Stim Gear cooling packs are designed to be noninvasive to your workout, while still being incredibly effective when you need it! With each pack producing 15 minutes of cooling, the Stim Gear Cooling Packs can efficiently cool your body’s temperature.

Research & Development