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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to be a pro-athlete to feel the effects?

No. Stim Gear was designed to encourage EVERYONE to be more active. Anyone can enjoy using Stim Gear's cooling technology and take their performance to the next level.

How easy is it to activate the cold pack? 

The cold packs can be easily activated by pinching the pack from the sides breaking the inner bag. Once activated, you will feel the cooling effects instantly!

Do I have to activate both cold packs at the same time?

No. Each cold pack produces 15 minutes of cooling and individually cools your core. With a cool pack on each arm, you will have 30 minutes of cooling per workout. 

Is it machine washable



Will the arm sleeves make me hot?

No. We are using a polyester-lycra blend which is extremely breathable and comfortable. The material is SPF 50+ keeping you safe from the sun and is sweat wicking keeping you dry and cooled. 

When do I activate the cold pack? 

Over our testing we found it most beneficial to activate during immense struggles. The instant cooling sensation will help you get your head back into the game and get you over the mental hurdles during your workout. But, we also believe you know your body and your environment the best and want you to activate when YOU need it.

Will the sleeves chafe? 

No. We've tested the sleeves over thousands of miles on road bikes and marathons. 

Are there going to be future products

Yes. We have a roadmap of future products designed to cool different spots on your body and enhancing your performance. 

Have more questions? 

Feel free to email us at