Stim Gear Beta Program

Thank you for your interest in being apart of the Stim Gear Beta Program. 
By signing up, you acknowledge to the terms and conditions below: 

  • You are 18 years or older. 
  • The Beta Products are assigned to you and shall not be given to any person not apart of the Beta Program confirmed by Stim Gear.
  • Do not puncture or strike pack in any manner. 
  • Store at room temperature (not to exceed 104f/40c). Protect from freezing. For external use only. Do not apply if skin is impaired in any way. Individuals with circulatory problems should use only at the direction of a physician. 
  • You acknowledge that you are signing up for a Beta Product and Stim Gear is not liable for any defects in product that may cause any harm or death.
  • WARNING: If accidentally swallowed, consult a physician or Poison Control Center immediately; if contents contact skin, wash area with mild soap and water. If contents contact eyes, flush thoroughly with water. Product contains Ammonium Nitrate.
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